February 6th, 2002

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This is from the NG's cut from U2 wire list.....

This is about the people who were able to be in and around the heart at the Superbowl - I thought it was kewl so here's the cut n paste from the NG's someone cut from one of the wire lists.....


Some of you have questions as to who those kids in the
heart were and some even went to say that they weren't
as "somber" as one would expect when the names were
scrolling. Well, here is an inside scoop from a
father of one of the kids in the crowd:

Most if not all these kids didn't even know who U2
was, my 16 year old daughter was one of them. They
weren't nuts about U2 but they all were nuts about
helping to put on a show that all of America was

These kids were fill-ins from the local school and
church choirs who had to be on the honor roll to even
get there (3.0 grade advarge or better). These kids
worked their buts off to get a shot at performing with

They all earned credits at school for performing. The
kids rehearsed with U2 on this for the past three
weeks. Talk about a once in a lifetime thing to do.

Remember this was a show and the kids were told when,
how and and who to yell at. Non of them were at the
show to disgrace the American people are the American
flag. All these kids are very proud of the show they
put on and so are the parents including me and my

I know when I was watching it I had tears in my eyes
just knowing my daughter was a part of something so
great. I can't even think of how it felt being in the
halftime show with all the world watching. I know the
kids were there to show support for what happened on
9/11 and not disrespect anyone.


So there you go. They are kids with good grades who
worked hard to be part of the show, and every little
scream they did was rehearsed for three weeks. Hope
this helps.