February 9th, 2002

Elevate Me Here

U2 screwed???

Okay, this might just be a rumor.... it might be something more. Tonight after watching the Olympics, my dad put on the news. I went in the other room minding my own business when he starts calling frantically for me. All I hear him yelling is "U2! U2!" (gotta love family that supports the obsession ;o)

Anyways... I rush to the room too late, but my pops said that supposedly the boys didn't get paid for the SB performance??!! (then again, dad's a little forgetful and later admitted the news might have been that U2 didn't "accept" the money, giving it to charity or whatever ::swoons::

So... does anyone know anything about this? I am usually so informed and can't find anything about it anywhere... It's really frustrating!

Love and Peace, ~AOH

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