February 14th, 2002

red chucks

FYI - pretty cool

From @u2.com Set your vcr's ;o)

On Thursday, February 21
Grammy All Stars Live on VH1

The Grammy competition is fierce and some of VH1's favorite artists
are going for those little golden awards. They are hot and we've had
'em here on VH1. We're honoring the Grammy All Stars with a look back
at some of their live performances from the past year on VH1. Lenny
at the Fashion Awards, Train Storytellers, U2 from Elevation Live,
Mary J. from MVMAs, India from MVMA pre-show, etc. Tannaz will take
us through the performances and give us great Grammy facts, nomination
info, etc. The artists will appear during the performances to talk
about the nominations, songs and albums. (Premieres from 7-8p)
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I don't know what to think.......

I'm pretty sure its the same person behind all of these (there are journals for all the boys, Guggi, Edge's first wife, and Gavin Friday). Kind of twisted. Don't think I'd want to read it all....

The Drama

P.S. Sorry if this is old news or if this offends anyone. That's not the intention.
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