February 23rd, 2002

  • eilis40

anyone like drinking games?

I was talking to moonie_tricks about various U2 things, and our exchange brought back some random memories from 96. The Rattle and Hum Drinking Game, in particular.

I was never much into drinking games, but this one is goofy and fun. When my friend Erica and I played for the first time, we were laughing so hard, we could hardly drink. And there are parts of the movie where you have to drink almost non-stop.

I found the game on Google.

The Rattle and Hum Drinking Game

Erica and I added a bunch of things to the game, so the souped-up version is on my old Mac somewhere. I should prolly set up that old workhourse sometime and see what all is on there, actually...
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I'm gonna try something new here....

I posted this on a list I frequent. I am starting a series of 'Best Of or Most Popular First Leg Elevation Recordings' and this is what I was offering there. I thought I would try it out here and see how it goes. If it doesn't work out here, I just won't continue it here, but I thought I would try.

If you are interested, contact me at: xxxxxxxx. Please read the 'rules' before applying.

OK, I've been thinking about doing this for a while. I know a lot of you are newbies, don't have a CD writer, or just weren't around during the first leg and so you missed out on some great shows, so this is hopefully the first of a set of shows I am offering.

Rules are:
** You may pick up to *two* shows from the four below.
** You must have your b&p package in the mail by next Wednesday (2/27/2001)
** You may live anywhere (I'm in the US)

Other stuff:
** If you think your ISP blocks yahoo addresses like mine (I've found many school and work sites do nowdays), let me know and I will correspond with you through my work address. Hint, if you've applied for a b&p from me before and never heard back from me, then you are blocked because I have always written back.
** The two audio only shows were extracted using Toast Audio Extractor 1.1 . I'm on a Mac and don't have EAC.
** My burner only goes to 8x. If you want it burned at a slower speed, let me know
** Include in your b&p a note telling me exactly what you think you are getting!!! (audio vs shn, which shows, what speed, etc.)
** A real easy way to b&p is to just include the same amount of postage in your envelope so I can send your stuff back in the exact same envelope you sent it in.

And now for the shows:
1) Fort Lauderdale 3-24-2001 soundboard (or whatever people want to call it). Great sounding. It has fade in/outs between tracks.
text file
*Audio only*

2) Charlotte 3-29-2001 taper: George G . I think this show has the dubious honor of being the first "DO NOT ENCODE INTO MP3" Elevation show that was mp3ed and spread all over the universe :) Very good sounding show.
text file
*SHN or audio*

3) Portland 4-15-2001 taper: GL . Very good recording, very good show!
text file
*SHN or audio*

4) San Jose 4-20-2001 taper: SG . Again, very good recording, very good show. This is the show where Kite and Stay were first played in the US.
text file
*audio only*

All shows whether SHN or audio require two CDs.

Update: Offer is now closed

this is fun

i just got mgi videowave 5.0. it's so cool. i made a compilation u2 video. it's so sweet. i'd post it on here, but i don't know how... and i think the file is too big. oh well. it's sweet.