February 25th, 2002

Reaching for you

u2 & planes

hi guys :)

i'm doing a PowerPoint presentation for an assignment in my class, and was searching u2 websites for pictures of the guys and planes.

I want to include a section in my presentation about Bono's obsession with planes and was wondering if you guys could help me. if you know of any websites - or could supply me with - pictures of u2 associated with planes (from promo shots, in video clips, general pics) i would be ever so greatful. :)

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Moby mentions U2 and Edge

So you guys know the musician Moby? On his website (moby.com), he has a 'Moby Updates' section, where it's more like a journal. Anyway, I usually check it because he's quite amusing, and in today's entry with the title "No Pun," he mentions U2 and Edge.

link to Moby's site

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