March 1st, 2002

peter capaldi, twelfth doctor crouching

For Adam fans

New community: adampoptart. It's specifically intended for Adam talk, since this community is already a wonderful place to talk about the whole band. :) I couldn't find an Adam community, so I created one. What can I say, I've been on an Adam kick for quite a while now.
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Your attention please:

If there are any total die-hard MacPhisto fans out there, please contact me using the email addy in my profile. We'd like to invite you to join a new forum, but I don't want to advertise it on the journal in case we get too overwhelmed with new members.

I'd like to emphasise that this is *specifically* for MacPhisto obsessives, not general U2 discussion!

Hopefully we'll build up a nice community of MacPhistites via word of mouth...
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