March 4th, 2002

achtung baby

ok, this goes out the diehard fans....

now i think we all believe that the elevation tour was an incredible spectacle....

one thing we all argued about was, what are they going to play on this tour? how many new songs, how many classics and how many otherswill be included...

id say the tour was a major push for the best of , and there werent that many suprises.....(how many POP/ZOOROPA songs were there.....?

so my question is: what songs do you think they need to retire? or what songs should they have ditched on this last tour
....for whatever reasons, whether you have personal reasons, or if your thinking about the 20, 000 other people in the arena.....

i know we have all kinds of ideas.....(you dont have to, but, try to talk about the 1st or 2nd leg of the tour..the 3rd leg, being post 9/11 led to some new emotions in songs that were different than before...)

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basset hound and cat

Achtung Baby!!!

I had some spare time at work so I just thought I'd kill some people with this picture. AB was an amazing time!
Love looking old photos!! Enjoy!

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basset hound and cat

Achtung again!!!

Ok here it comes again. I'm still learning how to post pictures so bear with me!!

cross your fingers that it works this time!!

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Another Survey? Already?

Looking at the last survey, probably just below this one, I had to ask the question: What would be your ideal U2 set list?

Take your time - this one was hard for me to figure out. It took me a while to realize that U2 opening on Mofo again was probably not gonna happen, and that 'Daddys Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car' is a long shot for closer. But the way I planned it was that there was no new album (yet) to endorse, and there was a return to 'Pop', with tons on cut-ins from 'Achtung Baby'. And I absolutely HAD to put in 'The Unforgettable Fire' and '11 O'Klock Tick Tock'; Check it out:

01. Until The End of The World
02. All I Want Is You
03. The Unforgettable Fire
04. If God Will Send His Angels
05. Mysterious Ways
06. The Ground Beneath Her Feet [Acoustic]
07. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses [Acoustic]
08. Beautiful Day
09. 11 O’Clock Tick Tock
10. Lemon
11. New Years Day
12. Wake Up Dead Man
13. Where The Streets Have No Name
14. Love Is Blindness
15. Walk On
16. Staring At The Sun
17. One

18. Please
19. Do You Feel Loved
20. When I Look At the World
21. Ultraviolet
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Poll for Britpop fans

I just wanna get some britpop fan opinions, and I'm assuming there's at least a few here. So could you guys please put the following Britpop bands in order of the ones you like most to the ones you like the least: U2 (yah I count them as Britpop, so sue me), Radiohead, Travis, Stereophonics, Starsailor, Oasis, and let's also throw in Beatles, Rolling Stones, and The Who for good measure.

Here's mine:
1. U2
2. Travis
3. Stereophonics
4. Beatles
5. Radiohead
6. Rolling Stones
7. Oasis
8. The Who
9. Starsailor

And if you wanna add some Britpop bands I've never heard of or forgotten, go ahead.