March 8th, 2002

"Let's go, let's go, Discotheque, looking for the one, but you know you're somewhere else instead.."

^_^ I love this version of Discotheque.. mainly 'cause he does the "ooo-hoos" at the beginning. And the "ayiyiyis". ;)

Ahhh.. anyone who doesn't have the Beautiful Day single, part 2, get it nooow. Very good performances of Discotheque and If You Wear That Velvet Dress.

Now.. for a pic!

Is it just me, or is Bono's hair REALLY gorgeous here? I looove his hair like that.. and of course Edge looks fantastic. *_*
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    U2, Discotheque (Live from Mexico City)

I have a (boring) story to tell..

First, a story. (Bear in mind I am extremely silly and giggly and might sound childish at parts.)

I went to the 11/27/01 St. Louis concert. Which was very good and it was the last and 8th (no, I'm not lying, and yes, I blew my savings going to them!) concert. I was in GA and was exactly at the tip of the heart (inside the heart, not outside of it BTW) and it was magnificent!
Anyway, during New Years Day, Bono comes up to the tip of the heart and stands there, and he's not singing. He looks out into the crowd and then turns to where I am, and I'm pretty much dying at this point, even though I'd already been in GA twice. ;) He takes the microphone and puts it in his arm and then tries to fix his belt buckle. He tries to fix it for about 3 minutes (it really was that long, at least, I'm not exaggerating) and finally buckles it. Then just as he looks up into the crowd with this GORGEOUS grin, his belt comes undone.. AGAIN. So he stands there right in front of me, all sweaty and grinning and finally fixes his belt buckle. Then he looks right into my eyes -- twice: he looks at me immediately after he fixes his belt, then looks in another direction, then at me again, and just grinning the entire time.
I had been SO ecstatic that night about that and then I come home, look for pictures of that everywhere, none to be found. Then in January (I think) Otto Kitsinger posts his St. Louis photos.
And, lo and behold, he has some photos of that moment!
The picture is .. well.. REALLY shocking. I'll give it that. I almost died when I saw it. I swear I never realized when it happened -- and it looks like he's doing something completely different, but REALLY: he WAS fixing his belt. I was looking. ^_^;
Anyway, here is the photo:

And yes, I apologize for such a long post. *eek*
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okay so ages back I saved all the posts i could about how to find the easter eggs on the Elevation DVD. So tonight I am trying it since I got me a DVD player finally. And so here I sat getting all fuddled over chapters, titles, 1, 9, 7, 6, enter, menu blah blah blah.....and I don't know what happened just then, but I pressed the wrong button to what I meant to press. I don't know which button I pressed, all I know is I went "SHIT! wrong button!" But hang on.......Until The End Of The World.....Bono-cam.......errrr.......I found it by accident and have no idea how I found it! How's that for luck!!