March 11th, 2002

basset hound and cat

U2 at the gas station!!!

It's a great day when have to do a boring thing like pump gas and then suddenly hear U2 come on their music system. It's a bright spot in an otherwise drab Monday afternoon. It's a nice day out but it's so boring at work today (barely anything to do!!)

See you "In a Little While" hee hee!!
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    In a Little While in my head!!! YAY!!
phoenix rising

eLeVaTiOn live from boston

watching this for the second time ever... and wondering to myself... why in the hell haven't i watched this more?!

i am very amused that bono introduced the edge as "a man who takes sexual pleasure in the collection of data."


ps- 'where the streets have no name' is on right now. i miss you, AOH.
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