March 20th, 2002

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hey everyone! im a new to this whole livejournal thing and i couldnt resist joining the u2 community buajajaja =] ive been a fan for about 12 years now and ive seen them on tour 3 times (joshua tree tour, popmart and elevation 2001)! but anyway if you have the time stop by my journal and check it out! im still changing the design so any advice would be appreciated! cya around =]
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Strokin' It!

"Down All The Days?"

Just noticed in my boot copy of 'U2 BBC Studios Sessions 2000'(taken from BBC Radio 10-23-00) that Bono unveiled a lyric or two that may have been taken from an unreleased song from the Achtung Baby recording sessions called, "Down All The Days". The snippet takes place after the final chords of "Beautiful Day" have been played. The whole studio is silent. Then, Bono sings:

I've been loving you for a long time
Down all these years
DOWN All The Days...

Anybody else with this recording catch this? I believe it's another example of Bono's continuing role as the "Mother Teresa of Abandoned Songs". I expect a good remainder of the unreleased stuff from the ATYCLB sessions to pop up as future B-Sides or possible tracks for the upcoming album. This band never throws anything away from their vaults...
basset hound and cat

YAY the EXIT article is up!!!!

Hey everyone! The EXIT article is finally on the net. For those of you who don't know, EXIT is an all-girl U2 tribute band in Los Angeles. They're really fun to see. If you live in the area, check them out at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26 at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier.
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Here's the article!


Here's EXIT's official website!

Hope to see a lot of you there especially since it will be a battle of the bands!!!
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U2 vs. NSYNC

You all would have been so proud of me.

I started an innocent conversation with a friend of the family about U2's live from boston DVD. I said something along the lines of "Popmart", "Elevation", and "Zoo TV" made NSYNCs current tours look like a flea circus. You should have seen it, she almost bit my head off, literally! And my family was with her! Any U2 fan, big or small, knows that *NSYNC's "No Strings Attached" and "Pop" tours were small potatoes compared to the mosterous Zoo TV and Popmart.

So I checked it out, online. And I had the Zoo TV from Sydney video firm in hand, and I found plenty of evidence from the box alone: 157 shows, 4 million people, 52 trucks, 36 video screens, 1200 tons of equiptment, 1 million watts, and enough power to run 2000 homes.Then I showed her clips of Zoo TV and Popmart, and she was speechless. Also, online, it showed that Elevation bested every *NSYNC tour... ever.

Its great being right, but sticking up for U2 and being right made me feel really cool! Rock on!
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who's in charge here ;-)?

This is off topic everyone and I appologize. I was wondering who here changed the layout of this community. I really like the colors and I was thinking of changing my layout too. Phantomx86 was nice enough to send me his color codes and I wanted to get the ones for this journal as well since I don't know much about html AND i WANTED TO TRY THEM OUT FIRST. If I could get them I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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