March 26th, 2002


oh my!!!


"U2 guitarist The Edge was left red faced on Wednesday night last in Dublin
after he left a fashion show he was attending with his fellow band mate Bono.

After the duo left Dublin Castle where the show was taking place The Edge
walked to the band's hotel The Clarence nearby.

The Edge had parked his vintage green Mercedes outside the hotel but before he
got there the local Dublin council had taken his car away as it was illegally

best part!: i know exactly where that car was parked!! that yellow building is a pub/hostle called gogartys. its a block or two from the clarence.
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and you know what.. on second glance.. i might be on crack.
think now that i was wrong about the gogartys thing. hmmmmmm.
oh well

(lj is acting really weird.. hope this doesnt post twice..)


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