April 1st, 2002

red chucks

Have you all seen this????

Campus News: Dave, U2 to play at Alumni [stadium]

Boston College Heights newspaper
April 01, 2002

CHESTNUT HILL - Despite students' shock and dismay, the Dave Matthews Band
and U2 will play Alumni Stadium next month. Each group will play a four-hour
set, and sources say the two bands "may jam together at some point."

Students reacted to the news with disappointed words and protests.

"I don't know why UGBC thinks the Boston College crowd likes these bands,"
said Jay Kinsella, A&S '04. "They really should have gone for acts that are
more popular."

Chris Roemer, A&S '03, agreed. "I don't know what makes people think they're
popular now. I mean, sure, U2 was nominated for Album of the Year, but so
was Styx in 1965 and man, do they suck."

Other students wished to see different bands in smaller places. "All I asked
for was Mogwai in the Rat," said Chris Fagiani, A&S '02. "And I have to deal
with this?"

Alternative suggestions included Flock of Seagulls in Vanderslice 403, EMD
in Starbucks, and Pantera in Mod 20A. "Dude, Pantera Rocks," said Drew Kent,
A&S '03. "F*** U2. F*** Dave Matthews."

U2's songwriting abilities were brought into question as well. "Bono has
definitely lost that songwriting edge he had when he wrote songs like
'Discotheque' and 'Mofo'," said Nick Scott, A&S '03. "It's not like 'Walk
On' or 'Beautiful Day' are relevant songs right now."

Bono defended the UGBC's decision with a statement released yesterday. "U2
knows that wherever we play, we cause controversy. But we just wanted to say
we're sorry we opened the last tour at a certain other Catholic university
out in South Bend." He added that the group seems to be stuck in a moment
they can't get out of.

In a furious public statement, University President Rev. William Leahy, SJ,
said he wanted none of this.

"That's Bulls***. They think they can play here after they betrayed us and
played over at Notre Dame? You know, they're only going to sell about five
tickets for this stupid show. There'll be more people onstage than in the
audience! If I have anything to do with it, it ain't going to be a beautiful
day over there when they play. And don't even get me started on the Dave
Matthews Band. No-talent hippies."

In a related incident, the BCPD is investigating an incident that occurred
yesterday in which a sign that read "DMB Sucks" was hung over the Dustbowl.
The Office of Student Development (ODSD) approved the sign because they
agreed with it according to Dean for Student Development Robert Sherwood.

"Yeah, Dave blows," said Sherwood. "If I were a student here, I certainly
wouldn't pay the ridiculous price they're asking to see two crappy bands."

Tickets are $5.

© BC Heights, 2002.

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red chucks


Ok, coming to ones' senses here. I didn't post that last, well post, to fool anyone. I, myself, totally forgot it was April 1st - and it didn't hit me till I got replys ;o) Remember- you can't believe all you read on a listserve!
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ah......*cringe cringe cringe*

I like the PopMart era. I really do. I had noticed recently that I didn't have any early PopMart shows so I set up trades for a few and I got two today (Las Vegas opening and San Diego a few days later). I've heard the first Las Vegas disc and I think I literally cringed throughout, especially during Staring at the Sun. I remember the criticism they were getting even at the time (before I actually thought to pay more attention to the band) and I could now hear why. But you know something? It made me realize just how human the band is. This is the only show I have where they have made those sorts of mis-steps. It was a bit charming to hear I must admit but that didn't cease my cringing ;-). I only wish they would have continued playing Do You Feel Loved and If God Would Send His Angels until they had perfected them like they did with Miami (Tel Aviv being one of the best I've heard). Those would have been amazing to hear the finished result!

P.S. I feel kind of bad writing this entry b/c I think it'll be awhile before I play this one again, eep!
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