April 25th, 2002

My U2 Site is finally published!

After months of scanning photos, I finally got my site uploaded. Check it out! I got some great photos from my Canon 35mm I took at 3 of the Chicago shows from U2's last tour.

I know some of the photo links broke so I have to go back to fix those. I also have to add my collection of concerts and videos. I also would like to add this amazing story of this girl who got a ride from Bono from his studio to city centre Dublin on St. Patty's Day!! Her story is very cool and she has photos too!

Let me know what ya'll think!

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You know you've listened to/seen too many U2 Elevation concerts when you listen to a Popmart concert and during Bullet the Blue Sky you launch into "PULL THE TRIGGER....." and so on....