April 30th, 2002

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Alrighty, so I've heard that lots of U2 fans are also fans of R.E.M., and I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I've decided to pick up one of their albums... but which one should I buy? Is there a R.E.M. equivalent of Joshua Tree? Thanks a lot.

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I've got a copy of U2 performing The Beatles "Rain" at the Feyernoord Stadium in Rotterdam 7/18/97, and at the end of the song, Bono says "Goodnight, and fuck off."
I was wondering if there was any particular reason he tells them all to fuck off?!

more mullet appreciation!!

I know its not Mullet Monday (all you gals from u2photos will get the little joke here) but this gave me a good laugh, from atu2 ;-):

From: Carolyn

When will U2 be eligible for induction into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame? When they are eventually inducted (for the good of music-kind), who in the world would present their plaque, certificate, trophy, complimentary gift basket, gift certificates to pottery barn or whatever award paraphernalia is applicable, to them?

Dear Carolyn:

Just between you and me, I've been approached by Paul McG to begin getting some notes together for my triumphant induction speech. If you heard about Eddie Vedder's wine-fueled induction of the Ramones last month, you realize that AG won't be the worst they've ever had at the ceremony. As Bono has become the defacto poet-induction-speech-laureate of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it will be no easy task to write and deliver a speech even someone as wordy as Bono will appreciate. I'll have a Powerpoint presentation, some old bootlegs, pictures of the mullet years, ticket stubs and I'll be brandishing some of the less-than-favorable reviews that they received early in their career.

It was a hard decision for Paul make in choosing the inductor. Other names bandied about included Mr. Springsteen, Mr. Sting, Mr. Gabriel and P. Diddy (for the kids). I am honored to have been chosen and I hope I can make the band proud. They'll be eligible in 2005.
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