May 4th, 2002


So I have this jacket which is plastic, but looks kind of like leather, and I bumped into one girl in my class (fellow obsessive, yeah) who pointed at it and squealed 'BONO!'. Made me laugh especially hard, AS I AM A GIRL.

I guess I just need the Fly glasses now?
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Would anyone who fills out a poll here mind either putting it behind an <lj-cut> tag or including it as a comment in the original one, preferably the latter? We don't need to see an excess of polls posted here with a bunch of pics - that's why the U2 pics community was added. Yeah yeah - I'm the bad guy for complaining. I've heard it all before.


Adam Clayton

Did Adam stop smoking?
Its really buggin me cus I looked at the Live from Boston DVD, and then i remebered back to the twice in atlanta elevation stops, and then I started lookin through the cheezie vids form the NYC club show and HE' ISNT SMOKing!

I hope he quit, he's my favorite bass player of all time! hmmm then again my favorite guitarist is edge, drummer larry, singer bono...ya im obsessive...*shrugs*

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