May 30th, 2002

U2002 radio marathon

There is a U2 radio marathon today. Here's an article on it. PLEASE don't ask me any RealPlayer questions -- I am no expert.

Cleveland College Radio Station Announces The U2002 Marathon
5.8.02 - WBWC

WBWC 88.3 FM The Sting, the radio voice of Baldwin-Wallace College, in Cleveland, Ohio, announces its long-running summer marathon series. Irish rockers U2 get the marathon treatment on Thursday, May 30, 2002, with "U2002."

Todd Richards and Mary Cipriani -- longtime college DJs and U2 fans -- will be co-hosting this special broadcast beginning at 7:00 a.m., and running continuously through 1:00 a.m. the following day.

Richards is an alumni of Baldwin-Wallace, and Cipriani is an '83 alumni of John Carroll University's WJCU 88.7FM.

The WBWC "Beautiful Day 2001" U2 marathon featured interviews with U2 staffers Willie Williams and Joe O'Herlihy, and was reported in a story at U2's official web site (

"It was such an incredible honor to be featured on U2's web site last year," says Richards. "It doesn't get much better for a fan than that!"

WBWC streams audio, and listeners around the world may listen in at . All audio requires RealPlayer 8 or RealOne, which may be downloaded from

Fans may participate by requesting their favorite U2 track via email to Richards or Cipriani.

Todd Richards
Mary Cipriani

"We have an extensive U2 collection available at the campus station, so no request for an import, b-side, remix, or soundtrack is too obscure for us to play," says Cipriani. "Fans may specify the hour (EST) in which they'd like to hear the song. We'll do our best to accommodate all the requests from the emails we receive in advance."

Listeners also may call in on the studio request line at 440-826-2187 on the day of the marathon.

"In 2001, we received dozens of emails from around the world," says Cipriani. "We were amazed by the response of U2 fans listening in."

WBWC is licensed as non-commercial, educational, FM radio station to Baldwin-Wallace College under the authority of the Federal Communications Commission. In 1958, WBWC signed on as the first totally student funded and operated radio station in the United States. WBWC began its popular summer marathon series more than 20 years ago, featuring one artist's music all day every Thursday throughout the summer.

Other marathons planned for this summer include Simple Minds, Steely Dan, Genesis, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Beach Boys, and Joe Jackson.
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red chucks

U2 Shirts!!!

I received this in my ReWired mailbox today! The shirts are for a good cause. I can't get the PayPal link to work on my computer so I am going thru snail mail ;o) After getting to the main page you click on "t-shirt project" in the header to see it and for the ordering details.


Come and get 'em!!

Our goal is to sell 500 shirts between now and July. Obviously, the
more we sell, the more $$ goes to Chernobyl, but if we order at least
500, the manufacturer will print each one for a whole dollar less
than if we only ordered, say, 100. So that means, a larger portion of
what you pay for the shirts will go to Chernobyl -- that's $500
more! :)

Please know, we can't do this without the help of our fellow fans. If
you have your own website, link to us. If you visit other message
boards, post about the project.

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