June 14th, 2002

Where I belong

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I am still trying to shake off my fear to read the next poll and see that Walk On is off the chart...

Anyway, anyone else having problems seeing the clip of Hands That Built America off the U2 site? I can hear it (and boy, are the harmonies gorgeous or what???), but I can't see a thing.

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Am off to see David Egan's exhibition tomorrow. Am meeting a bunch of U2 fans and going to see it with them. Will let you know what I thought sometime on Sunday. (sunday my time, not yours!) Although, from talking to those who have seen it already, its not *that* great. Nevertheless, its something you really *have* to go see, regardless, hey....

The odd U2 references you come across...

...when you're not even looking for them.

I'm sitting here just reading through ESPN.com's Page2 and dipping into a few of their '10 Burning Questions' pages, one of them for Jay Mohr. At the end is this:

If you could invite any three people to dinner -- living or dead -- who would they be and why?

Mohr: Damn. I've always wanted to be asked this and I'm blanking. I think I'd invite Malcolm X, to hear his thoughts on black America today. I'd have Charles Spikowski ... and ... Bono. Bono is so cool that you could have sex with him, and your friends wouldn't even call you gay. They'd be like, "So what's he like?"

It's here: http://espn.go.com/page2/s/questions/mohr.html