June 18th, 2002


From U2Log.com :D

U2tour.de have information about U2's 'Best of' compilation release. It appears to be planned for November 11, there should be a double CD (with B-sides), and perhaps a bonus DVD. The band is finalising the new tracks this week. Whether the "Gangs of New York" tune will be on the compilation is as yet unknown.
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Finally! An answer to Streets

I was browsing through U2.com and clicked a link to an article from atu2.com interviewing Willie Williams (U2's tour designer). Some time back, I recall an article here at The U2 Livejournal Community posing the question, "Why is 'Streets' always red?" The answer (and then some):

Before we leave the '80s, I have to ask: Why is "Streets" always red? How did that come about?

I honestly can't remember. It was probably Bono's idea -- an expressionist Blood Red Sky or something along those lines. Once established as an iconic visual element, though, it took on a life of its own and that moment has consistently been a high point in U2 shows ever since. It's fantastic how the audience respond to it, recognising the approach of "Streets" even before they hear the intro sequence. Finding new ways of creating that huge red scene is always one of the treats of designing a new show.

Can you ever picture a tour without "Streets"?

We talked about not doing "Streets" on PopMart, but I can't seriously imagine trying a show without it. In an odd way it has become the most indispensable song of all. Every other song we have done shows without at some time or other -- "Pride," "With or Without You," "One," "Bullet" -- but "Streets" is the gift that keeps on giving. The way it reinvents itself every tour is probably part of the magic -- we've never got bored with it.