July 7th, 2002

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On the decision to continue on with the tour, given that their bassist just passed away, a long time fan of "The Who", said he had seen every tour since '69, but would not see any on this tour or future tours. His response, "Would U2 tour if Adam Clayton died?".

More than likely, they wouldn't. In fact, if any one of them passed on, I think U2 would be over, as a band anyway. I'm certain of it, really. Although, my question on this subject is:

If a member, any member, of U2 died, and they continued to tour....would you go see them?

I've seen them live only about 4 times in the last 5 years I guess. I saw them once on PopMart and 3 times during Elevation. I think I would pass on seeing them if something like that ever happened and they continued to tour. But, I have never seen The Who live. I'm pretty young, 23, and just took control of a classic rock radio station here where I live. I've been hearing a lot of music I have never heard before...and I like it. I had just started listening more and more to The Who about a month or so before their bassist died. I plan on seeing them on this (probably their last) tour.

The Who's manager said that Townshend and Daltrey view the tour as a tribute to John (their bassist). Townshend quickly corrected that statement as he isn't for touring after what happened but feels he owes it to themselves, ticket buyers, promoters, staff, all sorts of people to continue with the tour.

I don't mean this to be such a downer of a post, and originally I was only going to make mention of what that fan had said (it's in this weeks Entertainment Weekly), but the question hit me though, and I was curious as to what others would do in such a situation.
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Top 200 songs that matter (another radio list)

This came from the atU2 yahoo group. Also ignore the fact that any Blink 182 song ranks higher than even one U2 song. And why is Elevation #195!!! ACK!!! I demand a recount!! hehe!! Otherwise the list is cool!



Philadelphia radio station Y100 has drawn up its list of the Top 200 Songs That Matter. No details given about who dreamed up the list and what they mean by a song that "matters," but U2 is included no fewer than 11 times in the list, including "Where the Streets Have No Name" at No. 7 and "Beautiful Day" at No. 22. Use the link below to see the full list, and try to ignore the fact that Linkin Park got more songs listed (3) than Bob Marley (2).
(Thanks Harold.)

Top 200 songs that matter
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has this ever happened to anyone?

In the time I've been home since finishing school, I've found an interesting pattern when I drive that never fails to put a smile on my face :-). Just about everytime I use the car: for an errand, a long drive, an escape, anything, the radio station I listen to (102.1 The Edge no less) I happen to catch Streets. There is no explanation but no matter what my current mood was, I just grin and sing as loud as I can. If it is a deserted road I'm on, well I pick up a little speed ;-). I never realized just what a great driving song that is. I understand now why a car company wanted it for commercials and I'm so glad that they didn't get it. I drive more often b/c of that song. Anyone here have a similar experience? It must be some sort of sign :-D!
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