July 13th, 2002

citadel [rufus shinra]

Survey ... it's late, so?

Most underrated U2 song: "Tomorrow" ... I love the wailing guitar.

Most overrated U2 song: "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of." I'm just not a huge fan ...

Most underrated U2 album: October

Most overrated U2 album: Achtung Baby

First U2 song you ever heard: "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me"

First U2 song you heard and loved: "Beautiful Day" ... it was actually the first song I knew was by U2. Yep, relatively new fan ... or well, not really any longer. I just act/think like a hard core, lifetime fan that's been listening to them for 20+ years.

All-time favourite U2 song: I like "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" oddly enough.

All-time favourite U2 album: Tough one ... either War, or maybe The Unforgettable Fire

First U2 album you owned: ATYCLB

U2 albums you haven't got (yet): Ehm ... Pop, however I do have a ripped copy of it.

Favourite U2 era: Either the Joshua Tree Era -sexy Bono- or Zoo TV.

Least favourite U2 era: POPMart ... mainly because of Bono's appearance. The music was still good.

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One for the ladies (some men maybe to!) *sniggers*

Bono denies scalp cover-up

By Ananova

Bono has denied he has had a hair transplant.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin made the claim in the August issue of Q magazine.

But a spokeswoman for the U2 singer denied the suggestion - and said it was all his own hair.

She said: "Ha, ha, ha, what a load of nonsense."

Martin had said: "I'm 25 and I'm really worried I'll be bald by next year.

"But someone famous, someone who knows, told me Bono's had a hair transplant. Can you believe it? Bono? Some of those tufts have been stitched in. So there's hope for me yet."
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I had a real conversation with a U2 fan last nite...

I went to a friend's show at some country club. They have a Tool-esque vibe, so I was prepared to enjoy... but not even prepared for what I was to encounter...

The same guy that made my U2 masterpiece was running sound, so he plugged in Bono and the Boys to make me smile... suddenly, someone comes running from the back screaming, "OMG, I LOVE U2!" I flipped. I literally fell out of my chair. It turns out that he's an artist, as well. He drew this gorgeous picture of "The Fly" with a reflection of himself in Bono's glasses.... AND HE LET ME TAKE IT HOME!!! I'll definately post pictures when I get it scanned.

Him: "So... do you like 80's stuff, too? What about Bruce Springsten?"
Me: "Yeah. He's ok, but he doesn't have the edge that U2 does."

hehehe... i'm so punny
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stars for corin

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Most underrated U2 song: New York

Most overrated U2 song: Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses.

Most underrated U2 album: The Unforgettable Fire

Most overrated U2 album: The Joshua Tree

First U2 song you ever heard: "New Year's Day"

First U2 song you heard and loved: "New Year's Day"

All-time favourite U2 song: It changes. At the moment it's "I Will Follow."

All-time favourite U2 album: Unforgettable Fire/Achtung

First U2 album you owned: Zooropa

U2 albums you haven't got on CD: Boy, Live@ Red Rocks, Wide Awake in America, War.

Favourite U2 era: Eras. Plural. :D The Early years/Rattle & Hum/ATYCLB era.

Least favourite U2 era: Popmart.
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