July 15th, 2002

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Pummeling a deceased equine?

I might be beating a dead horse about this, but I wasn't around this community when the DVD came out, and I don't really read any other U2 boards. Here goes. Flame me if need be, I'm wearing absestos boxers. :-)

I always wondered what exactly was going on with The Edge at the end of "Gone" during Elevation Live From Boston concert. In the regular cut, you can see him throwing and then kicking his guitar. I had heard rumors about him being upset with something Bono said before the song (something to do with Pop, which the rumors state The Edge is still touchy about. whatever).

Just the other day, just because I hadn't played with it for awhile, I put in the 2nd disc of the Elevation DVD and played the fan camera version of the performance. That's when I noticed it. Somewhere along the line, around 2/3rds into "Gone", somebody goes way out of tune "Doo....ooown" *ouch*).

A bit later, you can see Bono bending over near the backstage where the roadies are. Things get a little bit confusing, and as the song ends, you can see The Edge, clearly upset, beating the hell out of his guitar, while Bono is facing him (trying to be encouraging?). As the song ends, we get a shot from under the stage, where the roadies are. The Edge's roadie has a guitar, and it looks like he is playing. There were a few shots before this, where he was tuning the guitar for the next song. But this last shot looks different. While The Edge throws and then kicks his guitar, the music is still playing. From the roadie?!?

Now, I am not accusing The Edge of not playing his own instrument. God knows he does. However, the roadies jobs are to make sure everything is perfect. So, I was thinking. Could it be that The Edge's guitar got out of tune (maybe a string or two broke, or the wiring got screwed up?). Bone could have let the crew know and The Edge basically had to finish ala "air guitar" while his roadie actually played the rest of the song.

Is there an official line about this from The Boys, or is there a generally accepted theory?
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