August 2nd, 2002

Bellhouse Provincial Park

Bono's Family Restaurant

For one reason or another I was suddenly reminded of my family summer vacation in 1993. We were visiting relatives in Alberta and stayed in the town of Camrose. I remember seeing "Bono's Family Restaurant" down the road from our motel. I was at the beginning of my die-hard U2 stage (I was 13 then)... and thought it was so funny that there was a "Bono's Family Restaurant" in the middle of rural Alberta! Were they U2 fans? I'd never know... I don't think the restaurant exists anymore.

Recently in my home city of Richmond, BC... a "U2 Furniture" store opened up. I wonder how they decided on their name. Did they think it sounded catchy? Or were they hoping to cash in on naive U2 fans? ;)

A few years ago in the mid 90's, U2's Propaganda published a photo of "U2 Grocery" in their grapevine section. For those who aren't familiar with the old Propaganda, "Grapevine" was the mailbag section... you could send in U2-related letters, poems, artworks, photos... and the magazine would publish them. Well, the "U2 Grocery" was a tiny mom and pop corner store in Vancouver's Chinatown neighbourhood. I doubt the owners were were U2 fans. But maybe they were. *shrug* You never can tell these days.

The funny story about that U2 Grocery picture was how Propaganda published the photographer's name and home address next to her photo. That's when I realized, "Hey! I know this woman!" I recognized her name because I used to talk to her on Wire. When I e-mailed her, she confirmed that she was the one who sent them that picture... but the most hilarious thing she told me was how this young teenage boy knocked on her door one day. He was from out of town, but was with his mom vacationing in Vancouver. Being a die-hard U2 fan, he copied down the address of the "U2 Grocery" store and wanted to see it for himself. His mom agreed to drive him to the store... but after following the map to the address, they found themselves away from downtown and into the suburbs. They arrived at a house - not U2 Grocery - but a house. Mystified, the boy knocked on the door. A woman answered. It was the photographer of that photo.

After many laughs and explanations, the woman invited the boy (and his mom) into the house. She explained that the address published Propaganda was her home address, not the address of the U2 Grocery. But for all his trouble, she did pull out her U2 collection which impressed him to no ends. So it wasn't entirely a waste!

I'm curious if anyone has any U2-ish stories like these... ;)

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