August 3rd, 2002


Freebie U2 video and audio

I posted this in my journal but had no takers....

I have an extra copy of a U2 video concert. It is a video from 3-26-2001 shot from straight back from the stage. The guy zooms in quite a bit and it's actually very nice. It is on one CD, but is two .avi files which means you need the DiVx codec - the 3.11 alpha one to be more exact. If you have questions about this stupid codec, I'm not the person to ask. I went through about one hour of dealing with this stupid thing the other day only to have it not work for me after I burned this CD (no audio again). But the original CD wouldn't play audio either and I knew I got the original to play audio the other day so I knew it was something with the stupid PC. I had to restart the stupid thing and now it plays fine.

I also have an extra copy of the Las Vegas Popmart soundboard (4-25-97) and X-mas at the Point Depot soundboard (12-26-89) which are both great sounding shows (X-mas has some flaws but those are in the original). These are just audio CDs, not videos.

Anyway, I'll send them out for free to someone who wants it. Priority goes to someone who was there. If more than one person wants them, I'll figure something out.

Update on U2 Freebie video and audio

I didn't think so many people would be interested in these shows.

I guess I'm wondering:
1) Who is a newbie and doesn't have anything?
2) Who has no U2 concert videos (and wants the CD version I have - 3.26.2001)?
3) Who is willing to b&p the audio concerts to others that already replied and knows how to extract and copy correctly (and wants the extras I have - 4.25.1997 & 12.26.1989)?

Write to me at: . The only other way I can figure to give these out is randomly and I figure I might as well figure out it there is a way to get these to everyone. Unfortunately I can't b&p them right now since my hard drive is taken up with the seven Salome discs (both shn and audio) that I'm b&ping for another group (Yes, I only have a 10 GB hard drive).

If there are other suggestions on how to get these out, go ahead and suggest.

Update: flashfire 'won' the video and shows.

bono bono bo-bono : )

I LOVE Bono...anyone else?

Okay, everyone wants to know: What Bono era is the sexiest...early mullet-cut Bono, long-hair-no-shirt-just-vest, bug-eyed-glasses Bono...??? there's so many to choose from... he's so great. favorite would have to be...the Live at Red Rocks Bono. It was a hard choice but yeah.
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