August 13th, 2002


CNN advertisement reminds me of U2

I can't hear it well at work because I'm listening to a speaker with country musak on one side and cnn headline news on the other, but there is a cnn commerical that comes on cnn headline news (do you need a commerical for your own station?) anyway, I'd swear the music in the background is 'In God's Country.' It's Edge's guitar I can hear. Everytime I hear that stupid commerical about halfway through it in my head Bono starts singing , "Desert Rose ,dreamed I saw a desert rose, Dress torn in ribbons and in bows, etc."

and then it goes through my head all day and I have to find the JT CD and listen to it when I get in my car. It took me a couple of weeks to ever realize what triggered the song to go through my head all day. ARGH! (not that I don't like the song. I LOVE it! )

I know this is mostly pointless but this commerical has haunted me for months and I've meant to ask. I don't know if it really is that song or if over all the background noise I suffer with each day it just sounds like it. I don't generally watch ccn headline at home.

I wish I could wear headphones and play my cds while i sit here at my desk:(

If it is In God's Country I think its ironic how a giant whoremongering media channel chose that particular song.... (I don't like the american media btw.)
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Best of 2 is coming!

It's good to see signs and notices starting to appear in CD shops (here in Australia) that U2's Best 0f 1990-2000 is on it's way! The launch date here seems to be Novmber 11th.

Is that the same for the rest of the world? Or are you guys getting it earlier (like normal)??