August 26th, 2002


Electrical Storm....

Boy, they really let Edge run wild on this one. He's the only one I hear.

It sounds like run-of-the-mill pop rock to me, the bridge being the only part that really grabs me. Sounds like a cross between The Ground Beneath Her Feet and When I Look at the World.

It'll probably grow on me...


hello everyone! i'm kinda new here. kinda meaning i've had this community on my friends list but have not posted yet AND i was a live journal user a few months ago under quasiangel...

well, i guess i gotta get to the u2-ness: i've liked u2 for years. ever since the joshua tree. i really got into u2 in 1999 and ever since then, they've been my favorite band. i saw the 3 elevation show that were in philadelphia (june 11, 12, nov 11) and was GE for 1 show. it was amazing!
the new single "electric storm" is pretty good. i had to listen to it a few times before i got into it. the edge totally rocks in this one! i know it'll be a favorite in no time...
and the ever growing question is "are you in love with bono?" and the answer is YES! i adore him (larry is second)!

well, that's it for me for now!
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    u2- "electrical storm"

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YaY! I finally figured out how to post here. Its taken me forever to get around to trying and I've been reading the posts, I just haven't had time to try to post or screw around with live journal clients so that I can post.
Anyway, for the basics: 22 year old female U2-aholic from the Chicagoland area. I have seen them but twice, but have been a huge fan since the age of 10 when my mom and my aunt both got me hooked. Basically its what I grew up listening to. I don't have time for much of a post right now but check out my journal info if you want to talk to me, email me, or talk U2, I'm always interested.