August 28th, 2002

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Electrical Storm

I believe my honeymoon with this song is dwindling ... I mean, it's not a bad song, it's just conventional. It lacks the spark that most of their songs have ... it reminds me very much of "Always" which is a good song, however if they had released it as opposed to "Beautiful Day" I doubt they would've made such a successful comeback.

I'll always be partial to the first decade of their career, and the energy that their music gave off.

Though ATYCLB is a wonderful album, even it left something to be desired -well, Bono naturally ... but yeah, that aside.

I understand that they're not 17 any longer, however I am ... and enjoy the vitality of their earlier songs.

If their next album is going to follow the route of "Electrical Storm" I dun' think I'll enjoy it too much, considering it does have that ATYCLB sound to it, generally speaking. U2 has never released two albums that sound the same, and I trust them not to do so now.

Oh, and closing comment: As much as I love Bono's voice, it was a bit overpowering.

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on rainy days we'd go swimming out...

i, for one...

think electrical storm is just amazing.

this band never ceases to amaze me, and maybe that's why i love them so.

the sea it swells like a sore head
and the night, it is aching
two lovers lie with no sheets on their bed
and the day, it is breaking

...and all the better if it's not the final cut. all the better if we get to hear cleaner, tighter versions of this song.

i have faith.
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New U2 single on Fanning Show


U2 fans will be able to hear the band's new single tonight on 2FM's Dave Fanning Show.

Fanning will play 'Electrical Storm', the brand new single from the band between 7 and 8pm.

The track, recorded in Dublin, is the first release from U2's forthcoming 'Greatest Hits 1990-2000' which will be released on 3 November.

The video for the single was recently shot in France.

Point your real player to:

I'm thinking this will be the *real* version instead of what some people are saying was a demo.

Update: They were just saying that the band is flying in! That U2 were in Los Angeles and are now flying into London. Then he said they just landed 20 minutes ago (actually, he said the 'single' just landed 20 minutes ago - he *could* have just been saying that the 'single' in flying in from Los Angeles, not the band, it wasn't too clear).
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I had a weird dream in which I was going to Barnes and Noble to see The Edge play, and he turned out to be an old fat Japanese man with a scraggly beard. He didn't want people taking any pictures of him, and he had a guitar that looked like it belonged on the wall in some blues cafe. He started playing, and it was only one or two notes, then a projector put an image on the screen behind him of U2 back in the 80's when they were young and spry and I just started crying because I was upset that they were all dead and the Edge had grown to be old, fat, and Japanese.
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this is straight from

28.08.02 Electrical Storm On The Airwaves

Listen up! The new U2 single, Electrical Storm is set for radio play in the US as early as this week, as soon as production work on the track is finished.

It's being aired sooner than planned after Bono ran into a pal on her wedding day and gave her a demo of the new track as a spontaneous wedding present.

Since Bono's friend is a radio DJ, sharp-eared listeners in the UK have already been treated to the demo.

Keep checking here for more release news as soon as it’s confirmed.

(PS - I absolutely love the song - it reminds me of Achtung Baby. I think all the anti-Electrical Storm-ers are nuts. *my humble opinion*)
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Random... and bored...

Reading about Bono on IMDB has just become the most entertaining thing for me this evening. Especially the quotes in his bio.

Does anyone know who Paul David Newson is? ~lol~ And just how many times can Bono play himself?!


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I think...

... I'm probably one of the few people who was actually disappointed while listening to the new and official remix of Electrical Storm - the one that will be featured on the album.

It's missing my favourite, and in my opinion, one of the most dynamic musical changes in the song... and that's the part when the Edge's guitar chords are changing during the chorus (if the sky can crack, etc). The demo, original, or whatever version you want to call it - had those 4 chord changes per bar, where Edge would slide the notes up the fretboard...

... the remix version just has the one chord change per bar, and is lacking what I liked the most in the original.

Oh well. We all can't be happy. :P

However, I do like the polishing they've done with the remix... it does sound like a U2 song, albeit, I'm curious to know how this song came to be.
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