September 7th, 2002

new version, to download

i posted this in a comment to muffasaur's last entry about electrical storm, but realized that it's probably help me out more to post it in the actual community itself.

i've been hearing it [electrical storm] a lot on boston radio lately (namely wbcn 104.1), and not the version i have on mp3 (which i assume is the original demo)...

i'm dying to get this newer, cleaner version (the 4:26 single mix?) on mp3 but all of the links i've found (through, and the interface wire) haven't worked. kazaa isn't bringing up the new version either. any ideas?

thanks, and sorry about the incessant e.s. posts!
I wet 'em

A bit of a plug

I have a really great friend named Dianne Beeaff, who happens to be a great artist/writer and U2 fan. She published a book called A Grand Madness: 10 Years on the Road with U2, based on her journals, that is excellent fun to read, especially if you've ever toured around seeing our wonderful U2 boys.... You can get it on Amazon, if you're interested:

Hopefully that link works.... If not, you can find it by doing a search with Dianne's name.... Sorry for the plug but I thought other U2 peeps would be as into it as I was! :o)
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