October 19th, 2002

Mark McKinney in KITH

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hehe just watched Traffic and thought the title music at the end sounded like a U2 track, knew it wasnt, but sounded similar, turned out to be 'An Ending' by Brian Eno. Made me smile. Still havent got round to buying his albums yet tho.


sorry to sound like a tool, but I was wondering if anyone, by any chance, had a copy of the Numb video on their computer. I used to have it, and now I don't... i don't know what happened to it :(

anyway, thanks for any help anyone can give
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i just joined the community and thought i'd say 'lo.
whats everyones favorite U2 song?
okok, let's say top few favorites, it's hard to name one, it depends on your mood.
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