October 20th, 2002


Hands that Built America

its here...
they've go the mp3 up on the following website: http://noticias.host.sk/noticias.html

i for whatever reason can't get the link to work though, so downloaded it off New media (http://www.interference.com)

if anyone wants it and can't get that to work just im me (Ruffian114) and i'll send it over. don't mind the away message i'm usually there anyway and if not i'll send it as soon as i get back

its very pretty, but i don't know i'm not feeling it just yet..
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    U2 - The hands that built america

...to DVD?

Has anyone heard anything about the ZooTV and PopMart videos being released on DVD soon...if at all??

I know Elevation tour, Joshua Tree and Rattle & Hum are already on DVD...so I'm wondering if I should wait for those other 2 big concerts to be released on DVD before buying them on VHS...??
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    Dancing Queen - U2 (live)