October 25th, 2002


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Bono Co-Writes Song For Andrea Corr For Upcoming Film 'In America'

(10/24/02, 6 p.m. ET) - U2's Bono has co-written a song called ''Time
Enough For Tears'' for the upcoming film In America, and the track
will feature vocals from Andrea Corr of the Irish band the Corrs.

Bono co-wrote the song with Irish artist Gavin Friday and Maurice
Seezer for the movie, from Irish director/producer/screenwriter
Jim Sheridan (Some Mother's Son, In The Name Of The Father, My Left
Foot). The number is said to have a 1940s feel, inspired by classic
songwriters like Cole Porter and singers like Ella Fitzgerald.

''Bono saw the film and was blown away by it,'' Friday told the
website U2log. ''He wanted to work with us and something happened,
organically. It's very poetic, very romantic. Very vulnerable and
naked. It's a beautiful song.'' In America is tentatively scheduled
to premiere in Ireland in the spring of 2003.
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