November 6th, 2002


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Alright, I'm confused (which is nothing new.)

Here they are speaking of the Best of dvd which will be released on Dec. 2nd. Is this the same dvd that is in the limited ed. set?

yeah, I've been under a rock somewhere apparently or else I'd know the answer.
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I'm gonna be lazy and ask what exactly is on the DVD. 'Cos, well I had it in a few minutes ago, and wanted to know if the only videos featured on it were "Beautiful Day" & "Please."

I'm really slack when it comes to exploring DVDs, which is evident when people talk about the hidden eggs in the Moulin Rouge DVD ... and I'm like, "Pfft! Who has time."

Anyway, any tips, leads, info, whatever would be greatly appreciated.

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electric storm single

ok, got a question.

I went to Tower records today and saw two different Electric Storm singles. The tracklists were identical (it had Electric Storm and the Boston medley). I think the only difference was in the packaging (one had a slim case).

Is there only one version of the Electric Storm single available period? I know that with other singles they've had different releases in different countres, but Tower usually carries the imports, too.

Oh - and they're asking $18 for the 2-cd set. Bah!