November 7th, 2002

I wet 'em

My 2 cents....

My thoughts on the greatest hits cd are a bit mixed.... The hits collection is fine; they picked a great group of tunes. The B-sides were the bumout for me. I was honestly hoping for more of the Achtung Baby covers, like Paint it Black or Fortunate Son. That type of stuff, not remixes of the hits. I got so excited because the kickoff song was the remix of Lady With the Spinning Head, one of my favorite U2 songs period. But it just went downhill from there. Oh well, there's no pleasing all the fans, and everyone has a different take on the album, so no worries! Can't wait to check out the DVD. I actually don't even own the cds yet (thankfully I work in a cd store!).......
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Best Of DVD

So I know that the DVD for the Best of 1990-2000 is being released soon, which causes me to wonder: will they release a DVD for the Best of 1980-1990? What have U2 released on DVD (besides the Boston Elevation concert)? Thanks a bunch.
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Hi...I'm new...and have questions....

So...hi, I'm Rob and I'm new. Half the songs are remixed again? That should be good. I'm getting the album tomorrow because I'm a poor student and I've had to wait until my mummy gets paid, eek.
That was a really pointless post. But it's the first ever community post I've made. So please be nice.
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