November 9th, 2002

So I got the new album...

And I love it! Especially the remix of Discotheque, it reminds me so much of the live concert performances back during PopMart. But, please, I beg you...Stuck in a Moment...I could have done without that. Other than that, they were good choices, all round. Got disappointed that there was no hidden track, a la October on the 1980-90 best of. I'm so easily pleased, bung a hidden track in there and I'm happy.
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Next Time...

For those of you, like me, who have been complaining about "Walk On" and "Elevation" missing out on the Best of 1990-2000 CD...a friend made a good point to me yesterday...and I don't think it's been mentioned here.

The 2 songs mentioned above weren't actually released as singles until 2001...where as "Beautiful Day" and "Stuck in a moment..." (just!) had been released, as singles, during 2000. Therefore, "Elevation" and "Walk On" will most likely be on the next Best Of CD (2000-2010) to be released in 10 years time. maybe(??).

Well...of course they will...because U2 has AT LEAST another 3 great albums in them (starting from early next year!). So along with ATYCLB...there will be much need for a Best of 3! Yeah...ok...long way away though. But silly me hadn't considered it yet.

warning: insanity inside!!!!!

I love Acrobat. Its a damn shame they don't sing that one in concert although I do understand why. Its a very close song to Bono. I read (i think) in Into the Heart that it was written because Bono was tired of people expecting so much out of him. I long to hear three things at a U2 concert:

1. Do you feel love
2. With or Without You, the Rattle and Hum version (exactly the same)
3. Acrobat
4. LEMON!!!!!

I soooo wish I could see Bono in that gold suit, live. Wow. Enough to turn a straight man....well....umm....turn a straight man into Bono! LOL Acrobat is just a powerful song. Without or without you is just my insanity song. I listen to it in repeat all the time. My parents use to shake their head in ponder when I would burn a CD of NOTHING but different versions of WOWY and listen to it until the CD wore out; yes I have woke up in the morning to simply turn the volume back up on the stereo to listen to wowy in repeat, turning it down before bed.

Im insane. hehehhehehe

As to the Best Of discussion: could it be that the songs chosen were the bands favorites??!??!?!?!?!? Here is my 1990-2000 best of song list:

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