November 29th, 2002


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I am listening to The Million Dollar OST and the Satellite of Love reprise is absolutely beautiful. I didn't know Milla Jovovich could sing before watching the movie. I was wondering if you knew who wrote the original song ?
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yeah what she said.

i started dancing around the room too.. it makes me sad that they're not still touring.. brings back memories of the oh so fun drive from LA to Phoenix to see them.. twice.. then driving right back home after the concerts on shear adrenalin.. i was luckier than most.. blowing my savings seeing them 6 times, but i wish i could have seen them many more.. =)
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It's on it's on it's on!
::dances around the room::
oh gawd, how I wish I could of been there in the mass craziness of the homecomming.....
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    U2; Slane Concert on the tele, what else?
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I was very impressed w/U2's performance tonight. I had no idea that Bono's father had passed away recently. They got plenty of great shots of Larry too?! :) YUMMMMMMMMYYYY!!! I may have nice dreams tonight! ;)