December 4th, 2002

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Bono will be speaking tonight at Wheaton College in the suburbs of Chicago. I'm thinking about going. He'll be speaking about AIDS in Africa and third world debt. It would be interesting to see Bono in his political activist role as opposed to his rock-n-roll persona as depicted in these photos I took at the United Center October 15, 2001.

Mark McKinney in KITH

Anti Bono people

I was googling, and found some anti-Bono-ness here :
they even diss'd Morrissey :( painfull.

Seems alot of people didn't like the superbowl performance or U2 in general. I haven't seen all of that performance, but from little bits i saw, it was good. Shame it has to have football afterwards. :D

What did everybody here think of the superbowl performance? I'm guessing you all loved it, but was it on-a-par with their elevation tour stuff?
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