January 20th, 2003


Tonight, I was at a "Dining With Friends" event to raise money for a local AIDS organization, and they played "Where The Streets Have No Name" on the sound system during dinner.

I was pleased. ^_^

And as such, I figured that Bono and the boys would rather me be there at an AIDS fundraiser, as opposed sitting at home on my duff watching the Golden Globes. Yup, I missed it. So if anybody can tell me where to READ the acceptance speech (I can't view it on this lame-ass computer), I would be eternally greatful. Thanks! =)
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CD Labels:

I just got my printer and scanner hooked up and have been making copies of all my CD's. I ussually listen to my CD's in the car so they get really scrated up.

Anyways.. I copied POP and really wanted the same thing on it as what's on the real CD.. after searching for TWO HOURS I got a bright idea.. why don't I scan the CD?

The scan turned out wonderful and I opened the image on my cd label software. It fit on the template PERFECTLY! I then had this really cool silver metallic glittery cd paper and thought that'd look cool.

IF I do say so myself.. my version looks much cooler than theres.. and the funny part is.. all the island record symbol looks real all the copyright and licensing is on it.. haha.. ..

I'm probably breaking a law!

I just thought you'd enjoy my information.. I'm making all my u2 labels look authentic!

admittedly jejune, but i'm excited!

i am so excited that U2 won that golden globe! i'm also excited that jude law was sitting at their table. and morleigh was there too. and the edge's pants weren't funkadelic (disappointing). and bono's commentary and foul language. huzzah.

here's to hoping that they'll get to perform on the oscars.
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I dreamt I was at a special U2 concert w/3 friends. There were my friends Missy, Carrie, & Jon. Whom I all graduated with. It was strange. It was an outdoor concert and there were no seats...just ropes where you stood behind. We, however, were right infront.

Throughout the concert Bono would fly out on a gadget and sing over the audience. Most of the time, he'd be holding my hand. Since I'm a Larry lover, I would always do my best to glimpse at him, and for some strange reason, he'd always be staring right at me.

Missy & Carrie were having a ball and Jon was also. Towards the end of the dream it got to the point where Jon would stand behind me w/his arms around me and rest his face on the side of mine. Now, {in real life} Jon has has the same g/f for over 2 years and we all know he'll marry her, but in the dream it felt real and right.

I've always thought he was cute, but his sarcastic and cocky nature always turned me off.

So ya, that was my interesting dream of the AM.
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Edge on the catwalk!

Just got the Gavin Friday newsletter and saw this:

Gavin will be doing a spot of modelling on the catwalk alongside Guggi and The Edge (and many others) at The Brown Thomas International Fashion Show in Dublin this Thursday, the 23rd. The event is set to raise over 700,000 for three children's charities Chernobyl Children's Project, ISPCC and The Christina Noble Foundation. Tickets (75-250 Euro) available from Ticketmaster.ie.



Wouldn't that be great to see? :)
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so you are here and with great musical taste, i might add. but if u2 is your favorite, who would be your second favorite performing artists/musical group or solo act... if you had to choose in a quick moment. :)
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Just watched E. Fashion Police with Joan and Melissa Rivers because I'm into stuff like that...

... Worst Dressed Man according to viewers: Bono.

*shakes head* I don't even understand why they'd vote that way. He looked fantastic!

Anyways, at least Melissa and Joan said that it was dumb they voted that way!