January 22nd, 2003

quick question

somewhat random, somewhat irrelevant, with no true significance in the world except to satiate my curiosity, i'd appreciate responses to this question:

when it comes to U2, and music in general, what attracts and sustains your interest more, the music (instrumentally, vocally - superficial things, i guess) or the lyrical content?

and think...it's pretty easy to say "oh, both." that's what i did...until i thought about U2 and realized that lyrical content is CRUCIAL, but i can't listen unless music appeases my ears...
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peter capaldi, twelfth doctor crouching

Amusing quote from a Today show transcript

BONO: It was a strange thing. This conversation with Martin Scorsese started over 10 years ago in his house in New York. He told me about this story about Irish immigrants and their battle for survival.

THE EDGE: That's how long conversations with Bono can last.

-- Bono and Edge talking to Matt Lauer about how they came to do "The Hands That Built America" for Gangs of New York.

More of the transcript was posted on the @u2 mailing list, which probably means that you can find it on the @u2 site once it's posted. It's not there as of now, but if you're interested, be on the lookout for an article that will probably have the headline of "Jennifer Aniston, Bono and Martin Scorsese discuss their Golden Globe wins".
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