January 29th, 2003

lyrics, assembled from your comments

Dream out loud. In my dream I was drowning my sorrows
But my sorrows, they learned to swim
Surrounding me, going down on me
Spilling over the brim
Waves of regret and waves of joy
I reached out for the one I tried to destroy
And if the night runs over
And if the day won't last
And if your way should falter
Along the stony pass
It's just a moment
This time will pass
you had to win, you couldn't just pass
the smartest ass at the top of the class
Three o'clock in the morning
It's quiet and there's no one around
Just the bang and the clatter
As an angel runs to ground
take the colours of my imagination
take the scent hanging in the air
take this tangle of a conversation
and turn it into your own prayer
I believe in the kingdom come,
when all the colors bleed into one.
No, nothing makes sense
Nothing seems to fit
I know you'd hit out
If you only knew who to hit
And I'd join the movement
If there was one I could believe in
Yeah I'd break bread and wine
If there was a church I could receive in
'cause I need it now
They want you to play Jesus
So you go down on one knee
But they'll want their money back
If you're alive at 33
i can't change the world, but i can change the world in me.
I'm not the only one
Staring at the sun
Afraid of what you'd find
If you take a look inside.
Not just deaf and dumb
I'm staring at the sun
Not the only one
Who's happy to go blind.
Every artist is a cannibal
every poet is a thief
all kill their inspiration
and sing about the grief.
And I have no compass
And I have no map
And I have no reasons
No reasons to get back.
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Cartoon Blonde

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"There is a silence that comes to a house when no one can sleep."

I like that lyric. Says a lot to me. I love the whole song, really...

Why does U2 speak so much to so many? Why can't my poetry sound as good as this? Why can't my life be as beautiful as the music that runs through my head? Why do I think I'm addicted to U2? I'm not like a lot of you die-hard fans, who know every single itty-bitty thing about the band and the music...there is a lot I don't know, but I still love their music...

U2 is more than "The Greatest Rock Band In The World" - they are beautiful people, inside and out, and their music says so much - no matter what your interpretation of the music and lyrics, the songs say *something* to everyone who listens.
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Cartoon Blonde

My website

Not only is my website a simple use of space to show off my meagre attempts at poetic insight to my world, but it is also a showcase of things that affect me in some way...namely, the lyrics of U2 (soon to be added are some Eel's songs)...so, if you're interested, click here for the U2 lyric page (not all songs are up, but those that have links are and are working). Check out my own personal writing too, at the poetry page and let me know what you think?

(apologies to those on my friends page who will have a cross post from here AND my personal journal!)
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original jackson (courtesy of sharoo)
  • abelfan

That was really cute...

the story of Julie Kyrk (sp?) who played with Bono and Edge during the Las Vegas show in the fall of 2001.

It was just on Vh1, she was talking about the encounter and she had videotape of it.

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