January 30th, 2003

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.. Bono was mentioned on the O'Reilly factor on the radio today. And Billy boy goes, "Oh yes.. the rock star that said f*ck @ the GGs" hahahaah!

.. there is this German guy, Hubert, at my school who is HOT and I always say, "ACHTUNG! Baby" to him.. now I had no idea what that actually meant.. and today he's says, "Why do you always say, ATTENTION!?" and I'm like, "WTF are you talking about Huey?" and he's like.. "You're always hitting on me.. which is good.. because you have my attention!".. and I'm like.. "JIGGA WHA?" and he explained it to me..

.. Love.
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For those of you who like to chat.....

It seems as if people have once again started posting in the group I created on yahoo specifically for chat purposes a long time ago! So, if any of you U2 fans want to chat or get together for a chat, just come on over and join the group and we will set them up like we used to, alrighty? It was always fun to talk to U2 fans from everywhere, especially with yahoo's voice chat feature and it would be interesting to get it going again. =)

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