February 11th, 2003

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Music sheets

Hello all

I've a question. My roomate is going to give me guitar lessons, something I've wanted to do for years. Anyone has a few sites bookmarked with U2 music sheets?

Thank you!
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elevationist, email me at racheldalton@attbi.com with info on where to send the discs.

I had my friend pick a number, and he picked 4, and mcnugget was the fourth one down the list.

So if anyone else wants them, I suggest you take up zooromancer's very nice B+P offer.

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I'm looking for this one picture of The Edge's ZooTV pants. It's from the cover of Achtung Baby, and it's where his hands are hooked into the belt of his pants and the focus of the picture is the "U2" ring. I don't want just the ring, like on the cover. I found a picture on the internet that actually had his hips in the picture. It's that that I'm looking for.

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