February 13th, 2003

in the name of the father

Okay i give up. I can't find "In the name of the father" on the usual file swapping services. Anybody know where i can get it? I vaugley knew Bono did the song but for the life of me I've never heard it!!!!

*gasp* a u2 song I have not heard. Must...hear...before...insanity takes over!!!!!

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Okay kids here's the deal.

Life has gotten me really down this year so far. Nothing makes me happy anymore (other than sitting around listening to the fab irish four of course heh). So anywhso getting to the point, im gonna go on a long hike up the Appalachian Trail to get away from the urban jungle i live in. So far the plan is to hike 80 miles to the top of Blood Mountain where the trail crosses into Tennessee. From there I'll make the decision to come back or press on for more.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I need input. I want everyone to think of suggestions as to what I should take to keep me company. Since I'll be pretty much all by myself for a month I'd like to make a short list of soemthign to read, a cd of songs (u2 of course) and whatever else. Sooooo seeing how I think everyone who is a member of this group to be highly intelligent, super sophisticated, and down right kick ass cool people, I'm asking for your suggestions.

Besides the neccessary essentials, what else should I pack along with me. This could be reading material, songs to put on ONE compact disc, you tell me.

*shrugs* call me crazy but I think this will be a good thing.
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Hey everyone.
We all know that U2 has a spiritual element to their music (and their own personal lives)........and I was just wondering how U2 has affected peoples' spiritual lives in any way. If so, I'd love to hear about it....I find it one of the most fascinating aspects of U2.
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Don't know if any of you play Celebdaq (fake stock market), but you can now purchase "shares" of Bono, thanks to U2's Oscar nomination. Frankly, I'm amazed that he wasn't on there sooner.
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