February 18th, 2003

Elevate Me Here


Does anyone here remember where you can play "dress up" with a virtual Adam paper-doll?

I was trying to describe it to my friend, and can't seem to find the link anywhere... someone here must know what I'm talking about!


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Tat Update:
What I ended up getting isn't really u2 related specifically but it is to me. It's a butterfly filled in with the american flag. I thought of Bono's jacket and thought it'd be a cool idea.

I'll get pics up someday! haha :)
Trash Edge

Anyone here on WinMX?

Does anyone here use WinMX for file-sharing? If so, perhaps it might interest you a bit to know that I have had the good fortune to have my U2 mp3 collection more than QUINTUPLE by the good graces of the awesome Aaron of www.u2wanderer.org.

In the same spirit of sharing the music, I have an idea: Instead of constantly sitting in line waiting for downloads to begin, REAL U2 fans (such as ourselves) could organize and share the music. One idea I had was to share our WinMX user-names amongst ourselves so we could recognize each other and give priority over such folks who are looking for "With Or Without You" to augment their Brittany Spaniels - I mean - Spears collection.

Anyone interested?

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