February 22nd, 2003


am I the only one who thinks bono being nominated for a nobel peace prize is well.... dumb. not that he hasn't done some great things but I think it really should be given to people who are in the trenches with the needy and not just some rock star. love bono but he is not a saint, he's just a regular person who does what he can. but then again isnt that what most people are. hmm. anyways I don't think he should win, but then again I really dont keep track of what the heck he does so I dont really know what hes done that would qualify for this in particular and yes i know about data and jubilee and all that junk but i think you get my point.......
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This is from NME's U2 issue. I thought it was funny and wanted to share:

Lyceum Show September 27, 1980

U2 are basically little more than nonsense, or perhaps the new Boomtown Rats - one of the two, and they both amount to the same thing anyway.

This four piece Irish group are nothing more than a very traditional hard rock outfit with a singer - one Bono by name - who'd love to be Rod Stewart, in imitation of who he moves much of the time, when he isn't busy imitating the inevitable Iggy, of course. He also delivers Bob Geldof raps. After "Stories For Boys", a song of forced poignancy heavily reliant of Hawkwind's, "Silver Machine" bass riff, Bono histrionically belows: "We're giving out a lot of flesh and passion up here!" And more in a similar vein. Ah, those luvvable lyrical Oirish kissers of the Blarney Stone. I bet that Bono writes poetry and thinks that Van's the Man to be sure.

U2 really are quite awful, though the young people - particullarly the mutant punks - at the pop concert seemed to enjoy their tired old fakery.

Chris Salewicz