February 26th, 2003


question for the guitar enthusiasts among us (indulge me, I'm procrastinating)

If, when you see U2 live (be it in person or on tape), you pay any attention to Edge (as I do most of the time), and you are a guitar enthusiast, you know Edge uses different guitar's for different songs (often the same one he used when the song was recorded).

So, for fellow guitar and Edge enthusiasts, do you have a favorite Edge guitar? If so, is it the:

Femder Stratocaster (used on almost all the 80's hits like WTSHNN and Bad);
Les Paul (seen on UTEOTW, Walk On...probably the one he uses most often);
Rickenbacker (used on Mysterious Ways and Even Better Than the Real Thing);
Infinite (used for WOWY, designed by Daniel Lanois, only like four or five made I think);
Gibson (used for Elevation, though I forget which model he used);
Hammer (used during Elevation Tour on Beautiful Day, New York, I Will Follow, OOC); or just the good old acoustic used to great effect for Stay during the Elevation tour?

Personally, I like the Fender Strat, mostly because of the songs I associate with it, though he's probably done his most cutting edge work on the Les Paul. I tried play UTEOTW on a Les Paul once and it sounded amazing!

Discuss amongst yourselves. If you just enjoy Edge's sound and don't care what he uses to create it, then never mind...
Trash Edge

Got up at 6

Because that's when I thought the Today show started.


It starts at 7!

Whatever - the VCR is running.

And how about that Katie Couric saying that she and The Edge were (raising crossed fingers) "Like THIS."

Don't she wish!

Gotta go check to see if they're on yet . . .

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Just watched the Today Show interview/performance. I taped it.

Bono's looking a mite scruffy.

And he had a bit of tape-assistance for the operatic part of the song.

Sounded really good though. Excellent version. Got an mp3 of the perf & the interview downloading as I write this . . .

All in all - 5 stars.

Did you expect anything less? :o)

Next Stop: The Academy Awards! WOO HOO!

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Trash Edge

Today Show Interview mp3

You can now download the Interview from my site.

RIGHT-CLICK on the link below and choose "save as".

The performance is still being processed, and will come later today (no pun intended!)

U2 Today Show Interview

I tested it and it worked. Let me know if there's any problems.



PS - tell the world the link, but do the right-click & "save as" thing, as it's not on a page . . .


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Two questions...

1) Does anybody know if there is a video file of The Edge and Bono's Today Show performance on the on any U2 sites yet? I completely forgot about The Today Show appearance this morning :( I know that someone has posted an MP3 of it here but I'd like to see a video of it as well. If anyone recorded it and is willing to make me a copy please email me. I'm in dire need of owning that performance on video! I'm willing to pay anything -- almost.

2) In my English class in a few weeks we will be analyzing songs. Perfect chance to bring in some U2 to the mix. We get extra credit for: writing a one page biography on the band/singer of the song (Score!), playing the song to our class, and explaining the meaning of the lyrics. Which U2 song do you guys recommend I chose? I'm not asking for any help on the analysis part because I can do that fine on my own, I just need some suggestions for what song to pick. There are so many to chose from!

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