February 28th, 2003

WARHOL !!! ready for 15 minutes of fame

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hey, i've been making a bunch of livejournal icons lately, i'm not very skilled really, but i made some u2 ones and i'd like you to check them out here if you like them post here or it would be great if you signed my guestbook. thanks so much!
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I live in Drain, Oregon. You've never heard of it.
Roseburg carries our news. Roseburg is very small as well.

They just had a three minute segment on Bono talking with President Chirac.

Now, if anyone had any doubt before, Bono is no longer just a rock star.

Check it

Well......here's something interesting to check out- Christianity Today's stupid editorial criticizing Bono's right to speak to the Church during his "Heart of America" tour and his effort to raise awareness about AIDS. How stupid, and I'm not just saying that because they're criticizing Bono- it's just some bad logic and a crappy argument. But here's the cool part, an editorial on thunderstruck.org in response to CT's article. I really hope someone at CT reads the response........maybe they'll learn to be informed and educated before printing an editorial in a magazine.

It's Christians like these that distort the reality of Christ's true nature- unconditional love and acceptance.


so Bono's going to be in NY march 9th, as we all know, to be interviewed by the ny times. i am very excited about this-- my tickets arrived in the mail yesterday. but i was wondering if any of you will be there as well?
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