March 4th, 2003

Trash Edge

U2 Code

Here's my U2 code . . .

NO FE S+++$ N+ B+ C+++ L++X O++ CV++ UF7 (|:-{

May 23rd, baby: The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!


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    "Midnight Radio" - Hedwig & The Angry Inch
Trash Edge

U2 Star?

I got a star for Christmas.

I get to name a star with the International Star Registry.

I wanted to make my stars name U2 related. "Hawkmoon" came to mind, but no. I finally came up with it. This decision took 2 months to make. Good thing it wasn't a life-or-death decision, huh?

I'm naming my star "Tëtahi". Pronounced tay-eh TAH-hee. It is the Maori word for "ONE".

I like it.

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