March 5th, 2003

Trash Edge

The Magic Slide

The Boys were trekking through the desert and came upon a Magician standing at the top of a slide.

"This is a Magic slide", he said, "when you slide down, ask for a drink. You shall then land in a huge glass of that drink"

The Boys were thrilled. Bono went first, sliding down yelling "Wiiiiiiiiiine!". He landed in a huge glass of wine and was happy as can be.

The Edge went next. He yelled "Whiskeeeeeeeeeeeeey!", and landed in a huge glass of Jameson. He was thrilled.

Larry went next. He hollered "Guinneeeeeeeeeeeeess!", and was ecstatic when he splashed in a huge glass of Guinness.

Adam went last. As he slid down the slide, he gleefully yelled "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

The others looked at each other and thought "wanker!"

LOL! I crack me up!

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DVD madness

What is with this...

On the 'Mofo' clip (from Popmart Mexico City) on the Best of 1990-2000 DVD...they censor the line "...mothing ****ing rock'n roll"! HELLO! I'm so sure that Bono only said "mother sucking rock'n roll" at that concert. Yeah yeah...I just listened to the mp3 of it...and I'm SURE it's "sucking" why has it been censored on the DVD?!?! Silly.

I like the commentaries on this DVD...such a great feature. It's interesting to hear about Larry in 'Discotheque' he hated the clip so much and didn't wanna be in he decided to sorta protest by not being stuffed...cause I've always thought that Larry basically ruins that clip by being so dull and "not-happy". Hmmm...yeah.

What would be really cool...what I really wanna hear is if commentaries from the band themselves! Although...maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea...........

Edge:Ok, so this is the video clip for 'Even Better Than The Real Thing', which is from...
Bono: Aww f**k...there's my f**king crotch...f**k. Who's that?
Edge: It's f**king me!
Bono: Oh yeah...s**t.
Edge: So...what's this song about?
Adam: F**ked if I know.
Bono: SEX! TV...and all things f**ked
Adam: This f**king video makes me f**king dizzy
Bono: F**king say something Larry
Larry: This is f**ked

Now...where are our ZooTV and Popmart DVDs?!?!?
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(no subject)

Hello all!

I’m looking for a copy of Bono's version of “Baidin Fheilimi” from Gangs of New York. It’s listed in the credits, but it’s not on the soundtrack, nor have I been able to find it anywhere on the internet. Any hints in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

a random audience participation question:

Hey everyone!

I used to be an active poster in the Bono folder in Zootopia, but things just aren't like they used to be in there anymore. I would often pose random questions just to get us all chatting - so here's one of those:

What U2 song (or songs - I know it's difficult to ever choose just one!) is your favorite to listen to when you're really sad
You know, the U2 song that you can just cry along to - or maybe the one that makes you feel better about things when you're upset.

And then which one do you most love to sing along to at the top of your voice?

I'm off to have supper and ponder this question myself...