March 6th, 2003

Eesh! he's alive!

Hey everyone. I'm back!!!!!

I hiked 80 miles over rough mountainous terrain in 7 days. Got rained and snowed on the first day, came down with the flu, so after 80 miles of wet, cold, hiking I caught a ride back down the trail to my car. I'm not back home and safely warm and happy.

Even more ironic...when i got home I got a call about a job. Now I've got a really GREAT job (started today) with all those neat things we take for granted: my own desk, computer, phone, char!, parking space even!

And if any of you are wondering, on that long walk, I literally sang EVERY SINGLE U2 SONG i COULD THINK OF. In alphabetical order no less. Go me. :)

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    U2 - If God Will Send His Angels
Enid (my alter ego)

U2 poll...

Who is your fave member? Why?

What is the first U2 song you heard?

What is your fave U2 song? Why?

Your fave album by them is...?

How many times have you seen them live?

The most memorable video is...?

Which alter ego fits Bono most of all? (Macphisto,The Fly, Mirrorball man...etc)

What things make you think of U2?

What do you think about Bono being so political?

Is U2* the best band in the world?

no way...
even better than the real thing
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    U2*Running to stand still...