March 8th, 2003

UTEOTW clip...?

I had access to cable internet today (mmmm...yum) so I watched a bunch of video clips on lead me to this question...

...anyone know why the "Until The End of The World" video clip wasn't put on the 'Best of 1990-2000' DVD...opting instead for a live clip from the ZooTV tour??

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The song analysis thing in my English class is coming up next week. I got a worksheet on Friday with questions on the song that I'm going to present to class. I have the whole weekend to chose a song to present which wil be approved on Monday. Which U2 song do you think would be best to fill this out with?

The song you choose needs lyrics. The lyrics cannot have any profanity , swearing violence, explicit sex, satanic messages or degradation to anyone or any group of people. It also cannot have any references, explicit or implied, about glorifying gangs or needles killing. After you choose your song, get a copy of all of the lyrics to help you answer the following questions. If you choose to present to the class (read the lyrics and play the song), be prepared to answer one or more of these questions for the class. (50 points/20 points extra credit)
1. Give the title and artist of this song.
2. Staple the lyrics to this sheet of paper. (No credit will be given without lyrics)
3. Why do you like this song?
4. Does the song inspire you? Startle you? Help you understand your own feelings? Make you angry? Happy? Explain.
5. What, if anything, does the song teach you about society? About relationships or interactions of friends? Sweethearts? Family? Explain.
6. Is the song optimistic or pessimistic? Explain why.
7. How does the title relate to this song? Is it a good title? Does it grab your attention?
8. What is the central theme of the song? (love, friendship, happiness, kindness, etc)
9. Is it a universal theme? (Does it happen all over the world?) Explain.
10. What is the mood of this song and how does the song present the mood? (example: cheerful, gentle, somber, etc)
11. What is the song's style? (rock 'n roll, country, jazz, children's, etc)
12. Give at least two examples of a poetic device. (simile, metaphor, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, personification, alliteration) Explain.

Note: No one has to fill that out! I just need some opinions on which song would fit the best to do this project on.
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Strokin' It!

"New Album Title?"

The new album working title is said to be called THE ORDINARY LAND.

4 songs from being completed according to some sources. Yet, we all know U2 isn't done with an album until it's finally polished up and everybody from within has gotten hands-on with it.

I do hope some snippets of songs leak out bad as that sounds!!