March 13th, 2003




I think Adam Clayton is the coolest member of the band. So laid back and hip. He doesn't need to wear fly shades (Bono), or marry the belly dancer (Edge) or even look like an irish school boy (Larry) to be cool! LOL.

Honestly I would rather meet Adam personally than the four of them together, that is unless I had my own private concert and their full attention for...say.....six hours? *dreaming* sighhhh okay back to bed!

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OKAY here's what we have to do.

In honor of Adam's birthday lets all contribute stuff we've read or seen about our favorite bassist: Adam Clayton!

First a quote from NME, October 14th 2000: To bono: "You're alwasy surrounded by supermodels, home come?" Bono: "Adam. "

At the brit awards once an editor zoomed up to Adam and said something complete idiotic. So with champagne glass aloft in the poshest voice imaginable he said: 'Clear aaaaaawfff!!!!"

The Simpsons:

Adam:"Look guys! I got a Springfield spoon for my spoon collection."
Edge:"Oh, here we go....."
Bono:"How many spoons have you got now, Adam?"
Adam:"Nine. If I didnt have my spoons I'd go insane."
Bono:"Can I see it?"[throws it over his shoulder]
Adam:"My spoon!!!"

and my favorite Adam quote of all time is from the U2 online global q&a:

JO WHILEY: What's the biggest event of your life so far, it's a major question?

ADAM CLAYTON: So far, well, the biggest one I was there for has to be my own birth, at nine months after my conception. So, that's a big one, and I'm still getting over it.


On a personal note I read that Adam's house sits overlooking the school which expelled him; the expulsion letter itself hanging above his toilet! So whenever I get something chastizing me for my misfit behavior (yes I was a problem child) I merely smile, walk into my bathroom, and hang it above my toilet!!!!
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Happy Birthday Adam!

One of the most beautiful albums and songs U2 ever wrote is got to be "the ground beneith her feet" for the Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack. The whole album is so slow, jazzy and sensual and it's Bono's voice at one of it's clearest and sexiest moments...I love it. On gray days, like this one in California it's what you need to keep you warm and happy. What y'all thing of it?

Oh yah, Happy Birthday to the coolest guy in all of U2, Adam.
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Cartoon Blonde

Bono's interpretation of Sinatra's "That's Life"


Bono has recorded a version of the Sinatra classic 'That's Life' for a new movie soundtrack. Listen to it here.

The film, The Good Thief, is scored by by composer Elliot Goldenthal and as well as Bono singing 'That's Life' the soundtrack also features Leonard Cohen performing 'A Thousand Kisses Deep' , 'Black Is Black' by French pop legend Johnny Hallyday and a collection of Middle-Eastern flavoured music.

Inspired by the Jean Pierre Melville classic "Bob Le Flambeur", THE GOOD THIEF is a story of deception and duplicity: a double robbery, a faked Picasso, a double addiction, a good thief and a tired cop combine to confound the precepts of expectation and reality. Written and directed by Neil Jordan and starring Nick Nolte, Tcheky Karyo and Nutsa Kukhianidze, The Good Thief is about to open worldwide.

Hmm...if Bono's on the soundtrack, it MUST be a good movie :) Even if it isn't, I'm still going :)
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